Friday, April 18, 2008

Restoran Boston Baru

- by angie -

This place is one of my favourite restaurants to go to on the weekend. It is located on Jalan Kapar in Klang, directly opposite Kamdar, also next door to the Tabung Haji Building. They open strictly at 7:00pm, if you were to arrive any earlier, you have to wait outside along with all the other hungry people. At 7:00pm sharp, you gotta run in like their giving free food and find a table. The crowd gets worse on weekends. If you can't get there by 7:00pm, be prepared to wait an hour for your food! Was it all worth it?

This is their signature dish, steamed lala in ginger & wine sauce. Of all the similar steamed lala i've tried all over, this is currently still the best. The wine taste is just right with ginger and garlic. A sip of heaven.

This is another signature dish, Nestum Mantis Prawns. The nestum flakes are slightly sweet with a tinge of curry leaves flavour. Very nice to eat with rice.

This is their hokkien mee, I rate it to be No.1 among all that I have ever tasted. Although i like hokkien mee, I often feel a bit disgusted after 2 small helpings as they are often oily. But with this one, i could finish the whole thing! Yum!

This is claypot pork belly. Only order this if you like fatty pork. Sorry this is not to my liking, i hate oily foods. Had to order this for someone else.

My meal for 4 persons consisting all of the above, plus another claypot tauhu and a small portion of cantonese noodles, rice and tea for 4, came to RM62!!!! Anyone needs more directions, feel free to ask :)

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