Monday, March 3, 2008

Passport Renewal Process

- by angie -

HH recently had to renew her passport for the upcoming Taiwan trip. The process is relatively much easier compared to before. You don't even have to buy a form anymore, they used to charge RM1.00

1. Download the form here
(Make sure you print both sides on one A4 paper, 2 pcs of paper will not be accepted)
(If you are using the kiosk as mentioned in step4, you do not need this form)

2. Bring 2 passport sized photos, one photocopy of your I/C where back and front of the IC are printed on one side of the A4 paper, and RM300 in RM50/RM100 notes for 32-page passport.
(If you are using the kiosk as mentioned below, you need only 1 passport sized photo instead of 2.)

3. Head to Block I (i, not 1) of Pusat Bandar Damansara, KL in Damansara Heights. Block I is the block closest to Jalan Damansara main road, and nearer to PJ than to Jalan Duta.

4. Locate the kiosk on ground floor. Put in your MyKad, verify your thumbprint. Then insert your old passport, photo, photocopy I/C into an envelope, insert the RM300 and a receipt will be printed for you.

5. You may choose to wait 2 hours or come back another day for collection.

6. Head to Level 2, pass them your receipt and you'll receive your passport within minutes.

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