Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Do you have a backup plan?

- by angie -

The recent elections has caused me to think more seriously about our country. What if Malaysia is suddenly thrown into an unpeaceful state, where would I run to? I had to give this some serious thought as anything could have happened. This is how I formulated my backup plan, to move to somewhere out of Malaysia.
  • It has to be somewhere easily accessible with frequent plane connections
  • Somewhere with a low cost of living that I can sustain for 1-2 months
  • Somewhere that I can easily access my ATM/credit cards
  • This country should not require visa for Malaysian passport holders
  • A safe place where I can relax and have enough things to do

I had to eliminate Australia, China and Japan due to visa. Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea have a very high cost of living. Countries like Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India could be politically unstable in my opinion. So what am I left with? Thailand! Of all the places I've been to in Thailand, top of my vote is actually Phuket. Apart from the tsunami, it fitted my description quite perfectly. So if i ever do end up there, I'll be sure to pick a mountain-top home for 2 months rather than a beachside one :)

Anyone with alternatives for me? Do share!

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Anonymous said...

U forgot abt BibiBoy! How will u attempt to bring fly a dog to Phuket. Have u checked their animal quarantine/migration policies/laws?