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Chiangmai 4D/3N with a big group - Day 2

Date of Travel: 10-13 May 2014
Making T-Shirts at Borsang umbrella making factory

Day 2

Today is a very relaxing shopping day. We did not want to drive too far out of town, and we do not support riding nor watching animals do silly tricks. So we visited the Samkampaeng area, which is known for their Home Industries. First stop was Borsang paper umbrella making factory. We made history today. We are the first and only group to stay here for 3 hours, when most stay 30 minutes at most. What did we do here??? We made T-Shirts.

These T-shirts had a ripple effect - everyone wanted one

After this was done, we saw a factory selling bags that look exactly like NaRaYa. So we stopped by and had even more shopping time of 45 minutes. Lunch was just 500m away at a local restaurant.

Exactly like NaRaYa right??

Those not shopping, can pluck fruits outside. That's our van, and 2 drivers on the right

Lunch at a nice garden restaurant, sorry can't remember the name

An elephant lake next to the restaurant

Back to the hotel to rest before dinner. I pre-booked a restaurant called Dash Teak House & Restaurant, Moon Muang Road Soi 3, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand
Phone:+66 53 279 230. The architecture was nice and looked unique from the outside. They gave us the entire floor upstairs, and we could hang out by the balcony too. But I pity the guests downstairs, the kids ran around all over the place on the wooden floors. OMG.

By the balcony of Dash Teak House & Restaurant

After dinner, what else is there to do? Yet another night market. The Sunday Walking Street at Tha Phae Gate. This market was pretty much the same as Saturday's, didn't see nor buy much.

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