Thursday, May 15, 2014

AirAsiaX Flight Pass

During my university days, Dad used to buy me a MAS 12-month open-ticket to Perth. I would then have the option to nominate my return flight date as and when I wish to fly home. The cost of this ticket is of course much more expensive, but I needed that flexibility depending on when my exams ended.

Then came AirAsia where they are significantly cheaper if you book up to 12 months in advance, and a change of date will impose a penalty, and you also have to pay for the fare difference. Most of the time, it would be cheaper getting a new ticket than trying to change the date of the ticket.

AirAsiaX has now come up with a solution in what they call a Flight Pass. This is purchased via

AirAsiaX Flight Pass for Australia destinations for 1-2 passengers
Step 1: Decide the Travel Destination : Australia, China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea or a mix of Japan + Korea, China + Taiwan, or the whole of Asia

Step 2: Decide the Number of Flights (4,6,8,10,16,20, 40 and 50 flights)

Step 3: Decide the Validity period of the pass (3, 6 and 12 months)

Step 4: Decide how many passengers can utilize this Flight Pass.

Prices vary according to the above Steps you have chosen. The more persons' names that you enter, the higher the price. The longer the validity period, the higher the price. The more number of destinations chosen, the higher the price.

Suppose I pick 8 flights to Australia, valid for 3 months, for 1-2 users. Then you need to select 3 more things where the price will differ again.

Step 5: How far in advance can you decide your travel date? The included price is for at least 60 days before travel. Add RM101 to reduce this to 30 days before travel.

Step 5: How far in advance can you decide your travel date?

 Step 6: Are you flexible to travel at any time of your chosen date? Or perhaps I can nominate to fly on any 2 dates, and the system will pick a date for me? The price shown is for the latter, i.e. you need to choose 2 dates to travel on, and the system will pick one when it's closer to your travel date. If it were me, I would have to add RM104 so that I get the exact flight of my choice, since I hate to fly overnight flights

Step 6: Are you flexible enough to provide 2 travel dates, and system will choose one for you?

Step 7: Finally, how many persons can utilize this Flight Pass? The more names you add, the higher the price. This is the most useful option to me, as it would mean that should I not be able to fly, someone else can take my place.

Step 7: How many passengers can use this Flight Pass
And that's it. You pay in advance for the total number of flights you have purchased, and decide later on when you will fly.

In summary, this Flight Pass is very useful for persons with children/relatives at Australia/Japan/Taiwan/Korea where you will need to commute several times a year. It also makes sense if you have a corporate office in those countries, and staff have to commute regularly. Or if you have a bucket list to fulfill all over Asia, then you can surely utilize them all in one year.

The final price for me is RM569 + RM101 (30 days before travel) + RM104 (No flexibility in dates) + RM17 (1-2 users) = RM791 per flight per way, to travel to and fro Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne. To me, this is neither cheap, nor expensive. If you fit into the narrow category of commuting regularly, then perhaps this is good for you.


ignatius said...

wow this is really useful!

qtee said...

If we select 2 users, can the 2 users flying on the same time?