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Seoul DIY Itinerary - Day 4

 Date of Travel: 3-8 Nov 2010

Being a Saturday, it's time to visit some flea markets in Seoul. But first, before that, we naturally filled up our tummies. If you knew me, I have a soft spot for grilled mackerel fish. We walk past this shop everyday coming out of Doulos Hotel to the nearest bus stop/subway. I just pointed and ordered 1 fish, and a soup. Look at the humongous portion - and this was for breakfast. Oh man.

After breakfast, I have no idea how we ended up at this place. It was not listed in my itinerary at all. I think that's what makes DIY travel so exciting. We wake up every morning, and instinct just takes over and you follow where it leads you to. We hopped on Subway Line #1 and exited at City Hall. We meant to use City Hall as an interchange, but this is what we saw:

We chanced upon Deoksugung Palace, Seoul. I had no plans to visit any palaces, thinking they were boring. But the changing of the guards caught my attention, and we saw many autumn colours inside the palace. So we went in and did not regret it one bit. A nice place to walk through the gardens in autumn.

 Just next to the palace, is a beautiful street that was completely yellow in autumn. We chanced upon the filming of some drama, but have no idea who those actors were.

Wonder who those 2 actors are
We finally headed off to our real destination, the flea markets at Ewha University. The university areas of Seoul are truly vibrant, filled with youths wearing the very latest in fashion and many shops/stalls selling those items. Food is cheaper, and plenty to choose from. At night, it turns into a very happening place with blasting music. BUT I felt totally out of place at both Sinchon and Hongdae. I have to admit, I have grown old!!

Market next to Ewha Women's University

A lot of things were hand made, and they were NOT cheap! If you have been to my house, my clock is from Sinchon!

What an innovative way to do advertising. Goon on ya AirAsia!
We then walked to Hongdae Market, which was quite nearby. No photos of it, as there were too many people bumping into us. After a tiring walk, we had dinner at this student area of Hongdae, as things were much cheaper than in downtown. Again, the restaurants were filled with students.
5000 Won per person is considered quite cheap in Seoul, and such a big meal too

The finished product, not bad at all!

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