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Chiangmai 2011 Part 1 - Focus on Pampering

Date of travel: 15-18 Jan 2011

Chiangmai is a beautiful hilly city north of Bangkok. Its unique feature is a moat surrounding the old city, and newer areas developing just outside the moat. It isn't just all about temples, elephants and tribal villages as you may have heard. Crazydigest takes on a very different aspect of the city in this 3-part series appreciation of Chiangmai.

1. Do your hair

Chiangmai has quite a number of top-notch hairstylists, mostly frequented by the high number of expatriates in the area. One such place is called Absolute Hair Studio. They claim to be the first and only L’Oréal Professional Le Club hair salon in northern Thailand. They are so famous in online reviews and forums, that people from all over the world will make a stop at this place just to get a haircut done by a L’Oréal Professional stylist. If you are lucky enough, you will get Ong to do your hair, and he did an absolutely perfect job for my hair.

Absolute Hair Studio
29/3 Huay Kaew Rd
Tel: 053894492 (appointment advisable)
Highlights for THB1500, using all L’Oréal products

Haircut: THB350 by senior stylists

2. Do your face

If you think I was impressed with the haircut, I was even more blown away with the facial salons here. They have top-notch equipment and services that are not easily found in Malaysia. Ong from Absolute Hair also partnered with Absolute Care Clinic, a contemporary clinic that uses state-of-the-art technology for face and body treatments. They even have a real medical Doctor on-call to give you an initial consultation before any treatment can be done. Do make your appointments, to avoid having to wait for the Doctor.

How state-of-the-art are we talking about? Everyone knows Botox and it's advantages and disadvantages before. But have you ever heard of Thermage? 

"Thermage, a non-surgical procedure, is designed to restore the youthfulness in your face. This advanced technique uses radio frequency energy to heat and activate the collagen in the skin, resulting in a tighter, fresher, rejuvenated appearance."

In Malaysia & Singapore, Thermage is offered at skin specialists and hospitals as they are performed by medical practitioners. I haven't heard of Thermage at Beauty Salons around here. Rightly so, because IT HURTS LIKE HELL! If i weren't lying on the bed, I would have boxed the person doing it to me. I paid THB6000 for 1.5 hours of full torture ... but it was worth every penny. Till today, my face is much smaller than before. They recommended doing two sessions at least, but it needs to be 3-days apart. So plan your trip well if you are going to do this.

Absolute Care Clinic
Open daily from 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.
12/2 Boouruangrit Road
Tel. 053 894 872

Thermage session in progress

Face looking a little smaller than before

3. Do your body

How can you go to Thailand without going for a massage? Massage Centres are popping up all over the city and comes in various degrees of comfort (with various degrees of prices as well). From the open-air roadside chair, to a simple shop for foot or shoulder-back massage, to the full range Spa treatment at bigger establishments. My favourite has always been Let's Relax, located all over Thailand. I first tried them in Phuket in 2006. THB500 for a 1-hour foot massage, and my feet never felt so clean before. This time, I decided to go for somewhere more local, and recommended by tourists.
Roadside massage chairs for very cheap
Interior of Fah Lanna
Fah Lanna came highly recommended in TripAdvisor and prices were cheap. It was located in a little hut of its own, and had a very peaceful setting inside. Their tagline is "Easy to find, Hard to forget". I agree and disagree with this. Like with any other service-based industry, the centre is only as good as the masseuse performing it. My 1-hour THB500 Aromatherapy body massage felt very peaceful, but not Therapeutic like I wanted it to be. My bad for choosing the wrong type I guess. Still, I would recommend this place to anyone wanting a relaxing massage.

Fah Lanna
186/3 Loy Kroh Rd
0896950802 082-0303-029 (Updated 5 Nov 2014)

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