Thursday, September 15, 2011

Paris Metro ticket

A typical ticket for the Paris Metro/Bus/Tram. Careful not to place the magnetic strip near electronic devices
Paris has one of the easiest-to-understand public transportation in Europe. They are divided into the following types:
  • Metro Subway Lines 1-15 (like LRT)
  • RER Train A,B,C,D & E (like KTM Komuter Trains)
  • Paris buses
  • Paris Trams (very limited areas)
Why is it one of the easiest-to-understand? Because a single ticket can get you to most places in Paris. This is the t+ Ticket, which is just an individual ticket. You can use a single ticket to transfer between Metro & RER lines, or Buses and Tram lines. But NOT Metro/RER and Bus/Tram lines. For that, you will need 2 tickets. Also you need to take note that this ticket is valid within Zones 1 & 2 only. For transfers to the airport, you will need a different ticket to be purchased at the counter or through the ticket vending machine.

One individual ticket costs €1.70 whereas 10 individual tickets, also known as a carnet, are €12.50. These tickets do not expire, you can pass it around to anyone, and are quite worth the money to purchase. I personally do not recommend purchasing the other Paris Visite Pass or Navigo Pass or Mobilis, because you frankly wouldn't need to use the trains that often if you are following the way I travel.

Where do you buy this "carnet"? At any RER or Metro station through the counter or at the ticket vending machine. If you are buying it from the counter, try out your French.

"un carnet, s'il vous plait." = One book please.

Hokkien version:
"Ang Kah Neh, Si Bu Peh" = Red Leg leh, *** mother father

No insults intended. :)

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