Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Is AirAsia really getting more expensive?

Now Everyone Can Fly. Since December 2002, AirAsia has undeniably changed the world for the majority of Malaysians. Without having to spend thousands of Ringgit for a brief holiday, it truly brought colour and touched many people's lives on so many levels. Whether you hate them or love them, they are still in-your-face and will remain as such for a long time to come.

Having followed them for almost 10 years now, I keep hearing a lot of negative comments about how prices keep increasing. Some go to the extent of dubbing them as Now Everyone Can-not Fly. I hear buzz words on Check-In Bag, Convenience Fees, Fuel Surcharge, and etc. Have we become THAT pampered such that we expect everything to be free? Go back 10 years, and think whether people complained about paying Thousands of Ringgit for their airfare. I remember going to the Malaysia Airlines' inaugural travel fair in 2004. I was absolutely elated to secure return flight tickets to Brisbane for RM1800 per person.

Let us look back in time at AirAsia's airfares. In 2005, I was absolutely delighted at the price of RM210 for return airfares to Kuching. It used to cost about RM1000 previously to get to East Malaysia. In 2011, I am even more overjoyed to pay only RM15.20.

2005: Kuala Lumpur - Kuching Return flight, RM209.97 per person. Check-in Baggage Fee non-existent

2011: Kuala Lumpur - Kuching Return flight, RM15.20. Did not purchase unwanted Check-in Baggage

2005: Kuala Lumpur - Bangkok Return flight, RM193 per person. Check-in Baggage Fee non-existent
2011: Kuala Lumpur - Bangkok Return flight, RM176 per person. Did not purchase unwanted Check-in Baggage
2006 Sep: Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak looks just as good today, if not better

Even with the added Fuel Surcharge and Convenience Fee, I am still paying less than what I did 6 years ago. True, I chose not to pay for the Check-in Baggage, but that is the beauty of the system. Only those who require Check-in Baggage should pay for it. I remember the good ol' days when the Outside Food Policy was not enforced. Anyone could bring any food at all onboard. I was the first to bring Nasi Lemak from my favourite stall in SEA Park market and the smell overpowered the whole cabin. *Laughs* I don't do this anymore, as I want to support AirAsia in all that they are trying to achieve.

A trip down memory lane on my WALL OF FAME

3. Kuala Lumpur - Siem Reap - Kuala Lumpur for RM160.76 per person!

2. Kuala Lumpur - Paris - Kuala Lumpur for RM522 per person!

1. Kuala Lumpur - Hong Kong - Kuala Lumpur for only RM150 per person!!!

Conclusion: If you hate flying with AirAsia or think they are now "very expensive", then go buy tickets from another airline. Stop hogging up the AirAsia Internet line whenever there's a sale, and let us have our chance.

P/S: Got any good deals last night on their Free Seats campaign (21 Sep 2011)?

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Anonymous said...

Yes Air Asia has gotten more expensive. I have flown 7 times with them last year and noticed this year their prices have increased quite a lot. This year I have chosen to fly with another airline that is much cheaper ($150 - $350 cheaper from AU to MY) and charges no extra fees and the price includes meals and entertainment on board. The airline I now use also flies in to KLIA instead of LCCT. I am not complaining at all, I am only telling it how I see it. Air Asia is only decently priced if I book a flight now for next year. I used to always recommend Air Asia but there are better deals with better service.