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3kgs in 3 days in Penang - Part 2

Date of Travel: 16-18 Sep 2011

This is a continuation of 3kgs in 3 days in Penang - Part 1

Having eaten ourselves silly the previous day, it's time to explore the historical side of Penang today. We have been to Penang countless amount of times, as my Dad is originally from Penang and we have relatives there. Most tourist attractions are so "Been-There-Done-That" to us that we end up just eating.

After a hearty hotel breakfast, we decided to try something new.

1) Khoo Kongsi
18 Cannon Square, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Open Weekdays 9am-5pm; Sat 9am-1pm
GPS Coordinates: 5°24'51.44″N, 100°20'14.33″E

The original name for this clan is Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi, which is now known as Khoo Kongsi for short. Based on the elaborate building architecture, The Khoos look like they might have been the richest clan in Malaysia during the 19th century. Here, you will find a book of names of ancestors that goes back all the way to the 1850s. Till today, whenever a newborn is welcomed into the Khoo family, his/her name will be entered into this very book.
Temple just outside Khoo Kongsi's main entrance

Even the rooftops look like they have many stories to tell

Entrance to the Main Hall

Elaborate ridge decorations all in gold

Even every pillar has its own decoration

The roof as seen from the inside

Finally the main altar, which I unfortunately cannot read what it says

Outside the main ancestral hall
Is your surname Khoo? If not, why are you so happy?
Being HUNGRY again, we decided to skip the following tourist attraction, but I read that it is quite interesting. Details as below for those who are not as hungry as us.

2) Peranakan Mansion
29, Church Street, 10200 Penang, Malaysia
Monday to Sunday including Public Holidays from 9:30 am to 5 pm
Adults : RM10.00
Children (below 6) : Free
GPS coordinate: 5°25'3"N 100°20'28"E 
Complimentary conducted tours are only available with prior arrangements for a group of 5 persons and above. Discounts are available to school bookings and other large groups. Contact them for prior bookings and more information to enjoy these special rates.

3) Lunch at Pulau Tikus
Kedai Kopi Sin Hwa
Jalan Burma (Opposite Pulau Tikus Police Station)
GPS Coordinates: N5 25.834 E100 18.752

Pulau Tikus has a junction with 3 very famous kopitiam, each serving its own famed items. I chose the above for its Penang Laksa, also known as, Assam Laksa. So hungry we were, that I FORGOT to take a photo of the Assam Laksa!

Crowded place, and your clothes will smell of Char Kway Teow when you leave

Pasembur from the van outside the shop. Reminder to self - do not order it again

Char Siew Rice with an overload of char siew

This is a dish which is a cross between Cantonese Fried & Hokkien Fried noodles. Only seen before in Penang

Dessert just at the back of the shop
DELICIOUS green bean soup, RM1.50

With a full stomach, you can now brace shopping for Tau Sar Peah! Many people argue about which brand of Tau Sar Peah is the best. To avoid all arguments, they are now both conveniently located on the same road along Jalan Burma, so you can run from one shop to another. When I arrived at Ghee Heang, they told me that it's completely sold out for today! So the hundreds of people thronged to Him Heang, causing major traffic jams along Jalan Burma. And it's ironic that all the cars have number plates starting with "W" or "B".

4. Him Heang
162A Jalan Burma, Penang
GPS: 5.423848, 100.321210
Tel: 604-228 6129

5. Ghee Heang
144-1 Jalan Burma, Penang.
Telephone       : 04-2281077

Expect to wait 30 minutes for your Tau Sar Peah
After a brief rest at the hotel, it's time to head out to dinner again at 5:30pm. Being a public holiday, we underestimated the traffic and distance it took to dinner's location. 1 hour and 30 minutes later, we arrived at 7:00pm to find out that the sun had already set on an otherwise beautiful beach. Dinner today is seafood at Teluk Kumbar's Good Friend Restaurant.

6. Teluk Kumbar Good Friend Seafood
84, Mukim 9, Teluk Kumbar
11920 Penang
Tel : 04 6491403
Closed on Tuesday
Business Hour : 5.30pm – 10pm
GPS Coordinates : N05 17.193   E100 13.95
Time yourself to arrive about 6pm and you'll catch this beautiful sunset

Send your kids to look for shells/clams to be cooked in the kitchen

Dining on the beach itself

Baked Crab being asked to "split"

Balitong with the best sauce ever!

La-la cooked in stock with vermicelli

Kam Heong Bamboo Clams

Tom Yum prawns - a MUST order

Fried Asparagus

Poor fish who only got his head photographed, because hungry people already ate his body

Fish Head Curry - will skip this next time

Need a walk to work off all the extra calories? Try out the Padang Kota area for a breezy walk and what else, DESSERT! Before that, try heading on a Trishaw ride around the area for beautiful views of the city. RM10 for 2 persons for 1 round the area.

7) Padang Kota Hawker Centre
GPS: N 5.412779, E100.31953

Court House lighted up at night. Find the trishaws just outside this building

Carparks are plenty and free

RM10 for 2 persons for 1 round

Star Cruise ship passing by whilst you dine under the tree beside the sea

Superb fruit rojak sauce! Long wait again

Select your own fruits. This platter was RM21.50

Day 3

Due to the fact that it was a Sunday just after a National Holiday, we decided to leave Penang as early as possible and head to Ipoh for lunch. Ipoh has quite a number of famous places to dine at. Today, everyone was yearning for something called "Hor Hee". There are several places to get good Hor Hee, but not many open during lunch time. The restaurant we chose was

8) Kedai Makanan Lok Wee Koi
Junction of Jalan Raja Musa Aziz and Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakri
GPS Coordinates: 4.59521,101.083718

Ipoh Famous Hor Hee

And if you have arrived here for lunch, you MUST buy these decadent Kaya Puffs to bring home with you

9) Sin Eng Heong
64, Jalan Mustapha Al-Bakri (Jalan Clare)
Tel: 05- 2439659
Opening Hours: 9am – 8pm. Sundays : 9am – 6pm.
GPS Coordinates : 4.594916,101.084855

50-year-old Famous Ipoh Kaya Puff. Once again, 30-minute queue

80sen a piece, it's worth every bite!

Reminder to self: Try out this famous Pork Floss + Lotus Paste Siew Pow the next time I'm in Ipoh. It was closed when I arrived on Sunday

10) Ching Han Guan Biscuit Manufacture
145, Jalan Sultan Iskandar Shah (Hugh Low Street),
30000 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel No : 605-254 5126.
Opening Hours: 8am - 6.30 pm. Sundays half day.

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